Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

My mother in law sent me this great sheep knitting card. On the inside it says "To Someone Of Rare Ingenuity And Resourcefulness". It cracked me up. She is also a knitter and understands.

The dog is my sister's dog. "Rufus" (after Rufus Wainwright) is staying with us for a while due to my sister's life being in transition. It has been rather cold out and the little guy had lost some of his fur. So I felt sorry for him and designed him a sweater.

The folks in Montana finally sent me a picture of the baby in her hat and booties. She's such a lovely little thing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Baby In The Family

So my husband's sister in law (a good friend) just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I had been waiting on knitting needles to hear whether it was certainly a girl before I knit her something. I finished these in a couple of days. I was so excited. Saartje's booties were so much easier than I had anticipated. The little matching beret just birthed out of my brain as something that might match the cute little booties. I am waiting now for them to arrive in the Northwest and for them to send me pictures of her wearing them.