Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why are babies so fun to knit for? Is it because they are just so deliciously yummy and cute? or is that the knits are always quick and satisfying. Either/or, I just love knitting for babies even when the baby in question is not my own.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Adventures in Dog House Making

Almost the beginning...atleast where I remembered to take pictures.

All products tested by a four year old!

The finished product!

My husband and I are pretty impulsive people at times. We had been talking about buying a doghouse for quite a while. Our great pyrenees isn't the brainiest of dogs. He usually hasn't the sense to stay sheltered during incliment weather. Still...he deserves a place of his own. He'd eat my house if I let him in. He's huge. My guess is that he's about 130-135 lbs now. He's only a year old. So it started last weekend when we decided we'd use some scraps to make a house for him. We decided we'd forgo the plans and put our heads together. I was so pleased with the results I had to post and share.