Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fun With Socks

The first socks are some I finished about 3 or 4 months ago. (please ignore the very pale pastey skin.) They are made with some lovely Trekking XXL that I purchased at Sassafrass in Kalispell, MT. (I miss Montana.) I love the ribbing, and the yarn washes nicely!

The second pair of socks is well...not so pretty. (be nice) The pattern and the color together make them look "reptillian".

The third pair are a work in progress. I started them last night while watching the Laker's kick the Warrior's behinds. GO KOBE! The black yarn is Knit Picks, and the lighter yarn is the multi (greenish) Trekking XXL again. (I had some left over.) I thought about using them to make Eunny's Endpaper Mitts, but the yarn wanted to be socks. Far be it from me to squash the yarn's dreams of becoming stripey socks. Hey, I'm a nice girl. What can I say?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Means Sewing

Spring means sewing and not just the kind you do on the sewing machine. My husband just bought another bag of bulbs for me to plant. Last week my children and I planted Gladiolas all along the fence. Last summer my daughter and I planted Irises in various places all over the yard (maybe thirty?). This winter she and I planted eighty tulip bulbs around the yard. The tulips are already poking their green leafy parts out of the ground. The irises also have about 4-5 inches of greenery showing. It reminds me of hope. When we bought the house nine months ago it was all moss (instead of grass) and not one flower on the premises. There still is no grass...but how sad...so little green. I would post a picture, but there just isn't anything to show yet. My dh and I mulched flower beds a couple of weeks ago, and I planted pansies and some evergreen ground cover thingy that was quite pretty with just a bit of purple in it. I realized that the yucky looking twiggy things along the fence I cut way back last fall turned out to be forsythia. Oops! We have a chain link fence so any cover is welcome. I am thinking of growing ivy over it to give us more privacy. I have one measly rose bush as my yard doesn't get much sun on account of the many oak trees on our property. Still...this is my house. It is the first one that belongs to me. I want it to reflect me. I have and always will be an artist at heart. I haven't painted any paintings in about a year and a half. My lawn and my flower beds have become my canvas. Gardening is therapy. All that sunshine is worth more to me than any other kind of therapy. Spring is certainly welcome. I have been yearning for it. I feel like parched land finally coming into some rain. I can just feel my body soaking up the sunshine soothing my winter blues. Sewing is so much fun...though it takes a bit of patience. I am anxious to see what comes of it.
I have also done some recent sewing of the other kind. The happy recipients pictured here. Aren't they beautiful? I had to post the picture...not just because the designs were mine but because they also reflect spring in their dresses and their sweet smiling faces. The other is just a kitchen apron I made. I had been so inspired by the many I keep seeing on other's blogs that I had to make one for myself. There is also the nasty habit I have of wiping my hands on my clothes while cooking. I love the fabric print. I seem to really be into pink, red and yellow lately.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving Right Along

Upon the advice of the veterinarian who put down our Huck my dh rushes right out and purchases our new addition/addiction. Introducing Stanley, our 11 week old great pyrenees. He seems to get along with our poodle well and just LOVES the kids. It is amazing the difference purebreds make. I don't mean in that they are necessarily better dogs (disclaimer for those who love mutts...yes, mom, I'm talking to you.), just that the pure breeds have predictable temperments. Pyrenees are great with kids and families. We can tell already that Stanley will fit in just fine. I did however ask my sweet and thoughtful husband if he would PLEASE not bring me anything else that poops for a while.

If you read this blog you will know that I have five kids and homeschool them all [translates] I am busy!!!. I love my career, but yes, it is time consuming. Some people assume that because you are busy you are unhappy. Not me. I love being busy. I also take the advice of my elders very seriously. I have had so many older men and women tell me to enjoy my children to the fullest while they are in my care. "It goes too fast" they all say. I can believe it. I try to relish every moment. I want to spend as much time with them as possible til they grow up and have their own lives with their own families. AND if I do a good job, maybe they'll let me come 'round to visit my grandchildren. Smile.

Baseball season is starting which means there will be less frequent posting for a while. I don't knit often in the warmer months. I like to be out gardening during this time if I can. I have been mulching and planting like crazy. Therefore I have nothing to show for myself in terms of knitting, but here is my littlest one wrapped up in his Nana's knitting. Ain't he cute???

Friday, March 7, 2008

In Loving Memory

Our border collie/chow had to be put down this week. He bit my toddler on the shoulder in an unprovoked manner. Huck had become increasingly hostile towards males over the past year. I had people tell me that Huck almost bit them but never believed it, as he had always been friendly to family. Still, he made us feel safe at night, as he was an excellent watch dog. I had trouble with the whole idea of putting him down, but when border collie rescue and the spca wouldn't take him because of the biting thing I knew I only had two options. Option number one would be to take him to the pound. This seemed unusually cruel. Even though our dog we'd loved and cared for for two years since he was a puppy had been deemed a "biter"...I just couldn't bring myself to think of him sitting in a jail cell awaiting his walk down the "green mile". I called the vet to make an appointment. They made me feel like SHIT for my decision. I already felt like shit. I couldn't believe that they'd make it harder for me. Some young, fresh just outta highschool gal just poohed and sighed at my questions as if she was annoyed at me. She couldn't possibly understand what it takes to make this decision about your oldest child's pet. I wanted to smack her. So I called another vet. This time the vet was supportive. I turned out to be too wimpy to take him. My husband stayed there with Huck until he gently went to "sleep".

I'm not much of a dog "lover". I love my dogs mind you. Its just that I don't pour over them like some people letting them lick my face, sleep in bed with me and putting clothing on them (except of course for the poodle's dog sweater). I mean stuff like this http://www.cozypetclothes.com/product/e19021100 That, to me, is SICK. Sorry. If you think its cutesy...look at the price. Some people are nuts...or maybe just really really bored. Anyway, I don't believe my dogs speak English except for the commands they hear regularly repeated. I don't believe they have souls. I just know I like the little buggers, and I appreciate the companionship and unconditional attention they give. They truly are great to have around. I am equally as much against abusing an animal though (if not more against). I think a person who can inflict pain (on purpose) to an animal is cruel and something is wrong with their heart. I do believe that animals are good for us. People in hospitals seem to heal quicker http://www.therapydogs.com/ and children have a companion at all times who is quick to protect them and listens no matter what tone they take. Yes, I believe they were designed for our enjoyment. So this is in loving memory of all the pets I've had since I was a child especially Huckleberry who will be sorely missed. :-(