Saturday, December 22, 2007

For Baby

I just had to sit down and create something for my little one on the way. He's due any day now. I knit the sweater in the round from the top down. Its my if you want it please feel free to request it. The hat was just knit in one piece decreasing as I went up to the crown. I love how it spirals. The yarn is worsted Berocco washable (non shrinkable) merino.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Early Present

My wonderfully thoughtful husband bought this for me for Christmas. It is so cute that I had to hang it right away. Isn't it nice when you get gifts that really speak to who you are or what you do? I don't mean to sound like a grump, but I really hate getting gifts of convenience. I think sometimes "its the thought that counts" can mean you just send a personal note or card. Sending the wrong gift is worse than sending none at all. Some may disagree. I personally put alot of thought into anything I give someone else whether its big or small. I want to convey to the receiver that they are valid...valuable...I "know" them. I think being known is important. If not...then why the heck do so many people blog these days. They want to be KNOWN.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Yulecaka and Heartburn!

Although the two are really unrelated I can't help but mention the heartburn as this is my fifth child and really the worst heartburn I've had yet. I can hardly wait to hold my new little boy and be rid of the foul heartburn/acid reflux yuckies.

I have mentioned before that my grandmother is half Norweigan. (other half German) so making Yulecaka is a family tradition. Now she has moved into an assisted living home and cannot bake anymore. The tradition is left to me since neither of her daughters bakes from scratch. I taught my three oldest how to bake Yulecaka today. However, I forgot how looooooooooong it takes, so I'm blogging at 12:49am waiting for the second batch to come out.

The smell of cardamom takes me back though. I keep thinking of my grandparents and how much I miss them both...together. I makes me think of snow and horses and the occasional country Christmas of my childhood. It gets me excited about the frazier fir my boys and husband will go pick out on Sunday while my daughter and I enjoy a baby shower my sister is throwing for me. It makes me think of how grateful I am for my family, my kids and my wonderful husband.

But, alas, the heartburn is getting the better of me. I need to get out of this chair. Happy family time to everyone who ventures to read this blog. I hope its the birth of Christ you celebrate, but if not...know He's thinking of you. I feel it.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Party and big big big

I was really debating whether to go or not. My husband started a new job. I just really wasn't sure if I wanted these people meeting me for the first time 60 lbs over my usual weight. I know...VAIN! Still, I went. That must show some depth of personality on my part. Almost all our Christmas presents are purchased, wrapped and hiding under the bed...AND in about two weeks we'll have a new little baby boy! Fun fun fun! My husband has a goofy look on his face...when questioned he said he was trying to suck in his double chin. Smile.