Monday, July 27, 2009

Its Out!

The waiting is over. My pattern is finally out in the fall issue of Cast On. These are some lousy pictures...but some of my friends wanna see. Right? It isn't a fancy pattern. I know. I'm a little nervous that there will be alot of errors or something lame like that. Thanks for all the input and support you guys!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I scrapped the last blue cotton sweater. The lattice (I felt) was just gonna be too stretchy for the sleeves. I was concerned that with regular wear it would get all droopy. I am really loving this plaited sleeve though. Tell me whatcha think! Also, gratuitous pic of my Phoebe's new mate. Of course he's gotta get a little older, but ain't he cute??? He is a present for my daughter who cut off ten inches of her hair to send to Locks of Love. We were so proud of her. It was all her idea. She couldn't bear the thought that some little girls didn't have any hair at all.

This apple pie was made by substituting half of the normal white flour for whole wheat. It came out lovely!