Friday, November 30, 2007

Little Things

I think these little knits are cute. I have been knitting them up in between projects. It gives me a greater sense of accomplishment somehow. Then of course there is Phoebe in her new sweater. I cut her hair a little too short. This is so she doesn't catch cold. I am NOT an advocate of animals wearing clothes! Anway, her sweater is my design in Lion Brand multi color wool.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't seen any cute recycled crafts lately cruise on over to and vote on the one you think is the most creative!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Knitting

In order these are a ladder lace scarf in alpaca with "fetching" fingerless gloves from Knitty. The mini skull tote is from Hello Yarn. The bag and fingerless mitts on bottom are my design. The sore spot on my ring finger shows how long its been since I knitted this much.

So...I am back to making Christmas gifts. I have enjoyed these items, but I still have many more to go. I am thirty five weeks pregnant this week and looking forward to holding my little guy. I am so tired all the time I have little strength to get on here an type, but I wanted to add a few pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sweater Coat...My Design

First of all...Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So here is the sweater coat. I designed the entire thing from bottom to top. Heh. The I said is cheap and started pilling the first day I wore it, but the design is really fetching I think. I don't think I'll write it all out here but I'll gladly share the pattern if you want to request it. The color is nutmeg in DK weight merino. It is long. It hits me a several inches below the waist. I did the sleeves extra long so they could be folded upward quite a bit. I loved how the cabling on the back turned out.

Also, I just started these socks in Trekking XXL.

Everyone is giving my husband and I a hard time about naming our new boy Ezekiel "Zeke" for short. I tried to explain to the family that their lack of approval in this matter really only eggs us on. He he.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hello. I'm back. I have been busy. We bought our first house, and I had to make it through 6 months of nausea. You can see WHY I was so sick. I am due at Christmas time. The knitting has kinda taken a back seat. I did design a sweater coat. I hate the yarn as it pills very easily. It was cheap yarn. (eh hem...knit picks) You get what you pay for. Also, at the same time we bought our house we added another addition to the family. Phoebe is my darling little poodle. I had to put up a picture of her as a puppy and now that she is eight months old. Its knitting season again!