Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sweater Coat...My Design

First of all...Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So here is the sweater coat. I designed the entire thing from bottom to top. Heh. The yarn...as I said is cheap and started pilling the first day I wore it, but the design is really fetching I think. I don't think I'll write it all out here but I'll gladly share the pattern if you want to request it. The color is nutmeg in DK weight merino. It is long. It hits me a several inches below the waist. I did the sleeves extra long so they could be folded upward quite a bit. I loved how the cabling on the back turned out.

Also, I just started these socks in Trekking XXL.

Everyone is giving my husband and I a hard time about naming our new boy Ezekiel "Zeke" for short. I tried to explain to the family that their lack of approval in this matter really only eggs us on. He he.


Nan said...

Amazing work! I'm impressed! Now if only I would get brave and just learn how to knit cables.... I'm a die hard stubborn plain Jane knitter, it was just a year ago that I learned how to make socks and now I love it, knitting in the round I mean, I know if I would just try it, I'm sure I would make cabled everything!!

You did a great job on your sweater, and happy belated birthday to you!!

M. at Knitting Battlemaidens said...

Don't feel too bad about the pilling. You can spend $15 a skein and have that happen too sometimes. It looks like a great design.

Nan said...

Windsor is on route 460 half way between Norfolk area and Petersburg area.

Thanks for admiring the quilt, my grand daughter sports this quilt on her big girl bed now she's 5.

I need people to submit to the contest!! Do you have any projects you want to enter? You could win one of the purses......
Think about it, so far,only 2 people have already sent their entries, and I want it be be a bigger success then THAT! I know it's early, but I'm anxious to see what others can create recycling, it gives me inspiration for new projects myself to see what others can do.

Nan said...

I don't know much about Virginia, I have lived in North and South Carolina for more then half of my life, we just moved here in January, so I don't know where different counties are.

As far as the contest, just the end product picture and a brief description if you want to add one is all that is needed to enter, no instructions are required.

Poshyarns said...

Wow, that is brilliant and many (belated)happy returns to you. All those cables, you clever thing!

I just read you last post too, congratulations on your news, you look marvellous.