Friday, March 27, 2009

Winter is over...hopefully.

With all the cold weather we had this year we only had one good snow day to show for it. We were able to build a snowman, and our great pyrenees just thought he was in heaven.

I'm a little cold shy though. Thank God spring is on its way!!! I am so looking forward to warmer days. Still, the winter gave me time to work more with my Breadman machine. On the days my kids have lacrosse and baseball I can time the Breadman so that fresh baked bread is done the minute I walk in the door. How nice. I also made some cinnamon buns. The dough was made in the breadman. They were delicious.

I am finally done knitting up the garment for my pattern in the fall issue of Cast On. I just need to type up the pattern now and send the bugger off. Thank you for all the kind words and congratulations. I feel undeserving as there are so many more talented knitters than myself out, Eunny Jang...for instance. Still, people like that inspire me. I appreciate great artisans. Happy Spring everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Projects in The Works and a Free Pattern

As stated earlier I am getting published for the first time. The yarn they sent was waaaay off gauge, but I was not inclined to complain as this is my first attempt at submitting a pattern and product. It has a taken a bit of tweeking my original pattern (in aran weight silk) for the yarn they sent (a fingering weight milk/wool). It helps that the yarn they sent has a wonderfully soft and luxurious feel to it. It makes the frustration easier to deal with. ;-)

Just look at that squishy, yummy goodness. Its Kollage 1/2 N 1/2. I had never used yarn made of milk before.

Just a sneak peek. :-)

My other little project I will post here for anyone who might be interested. It was inspired by my daughter's hating to wear her eye patch (due to a lazy eye). The eye patches are ugly and know, not girly. So I decided to knit her one. I was first concerned about the fibers getting into her eye. Knit tightly and using a cotton blend helped this problem. This patch is reverseable and cute (imo). I will post the finished product soon.
Cute little kitty heads.

...and an I-cord.

My last photo is just an update on my "Perfected Henley" from Interweave Knits Mag. I only have the sleeves to finish, but what can I say??? I get kinda flighty when i comes to finishing these things sometimes. I was so excited to do my project for Cast On that I put it on hold. Hopefully it will be done and I'll be able to wear it before it gets too warm out. :-) I'm hoping blocking is gonna do wonders for this puppy.

If anyone knows how to publish patterns for free on Ravelry and has a moment to explain this process to me I'd love the input. Thanks.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Woo Hoo! I'm getting published!

I'm so excited, thrilled and nervous. I'm getting published in Cast On magazine. I hope you guys will buy the issue. I'll let ya know which one it is as soon as I find out. I just received my acceptance email today. :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lovin The Soft Stars

I bought my first child a pair of soft star mocassins 13 years ago in a little orgainic grocery store in Nashville, Tennessee. I loved them so much, and they seemed so cozy on my little guy (now size 12 1/2 wide!!!) that I kept buying him pair after pair over the years. Now I have a sort of "collection" of Soft Star mocs. We have black ones, brown ones, ones with crepe bottoms and those with soft fuzzy fur inside. I liked them so much that I convinced my grandparents to get a pair especially made for themselves. I purchased a very large order of about 20 pairs with my natural families group years ago. Currently, we have 8 pair in several different sizes. My two youngest children now 4 and 1 have inherited these shoes. Amazingly, they have done well over the years, and I get to see my little ones wearing these adorable little mocassins all over again. Soft Star shoes is owned by some pretty neat people, and I highly recommend their products for the little people in your life. They are here if you are interested. *Of course the best combination is hand knitted socks WITH your Soft Star shoes. :-)