Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red Argyle Mittens Free Pattern

This design started as an expirement as most of mine do. My son has already claimed them for himself. There were made in lion brand cheapy worsted weight yarn from Walmart. It is a very easy pattern.

Lion Brand worsted weight yarn (100% wool)two contrasting colors, 5 size 5 dpns, one stitch holder

knit gauge is 21 sts= 3" down, 18 sts= 3" across

cast on 42 sts in mc, divide sts on three needles, needle no 1 should have 10 sts, needle no 2 should have 22 sts, needle no 3 should have 10 sts, knit one round in mc, knit one cc purl one mc for five rows for ribbed cuff, knit two rows in mc, begin chart (i'll post later at request or you can just follow the picture)til thumb gusset (3 1/2" from beginning), put five stitches on holder (for right hand: five sts before your last three, for left hand it's the reverse (obviously) with one extra increased stitch in pattern between each stitch til you have 10 on your holder, continue in pattern til work measures 5" from beginning, knit rest of mitten in mc until work measures 6 1/2 " from beginning, begin deacreasing 1 st every other round at the end of each needle until there are 6 sts on needle 2, break off a six inch tail and pull through all remaining sts, secure on the inside by weaving the end, for thumb pick up your ten sts on the holder and cast on two extra stitches from inside of thumb, knit your thumb in mc rounds until thumb measures 3 3/4", decrease a few stitches in your last round, break off a tail and thread it through remaining sts securing on the inside of the thumb, turn inside out and weave in all the ends. (I know...not the fun part).

Enjoy! Let me know if there are any boo boos. I'll try to help.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

His and Hers

What is cooler weather without Guiness??? It is like a meal in an of itself. It is the "stew" in a world of "soup" beers. My husband and I are so much alike that we both love Guiness. Of course there are always your little differences like...she likes Guiness Extra Stout, and he likes Guiness draught. We love our chuthers. What can I say?

Did anyone catch the debate the other night? I must say...I was quite unimpressed with Obama. I admit he was good about sticking to the topic for the most part. He was just not all that these liberals seem to be raving about. I really couldn't see the charm. Could anyone tell me please what you see in this guy...I mean without quoting me his very short resume? I really would like to know.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is Welcome!

I actually finished this "Oregon Vest" last year. The weather is almost cool enough to wear it in the evenings and early morning.

Fall tends to drive me to bake. I am also dieting. While trying to avoid crusts and too much pastry I baked these apples with just a little cinnamon, brown sugar, a tad of butter and topped it off with some blueberries and Kashi Crunch cereal. Yum!

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My son said it wouldn't be right to not post the main course which was dill pork chops and scalloped new potatoes. My guys love their meat dishes.

Anyway, all this to help welcome Fall.