Thursday, October 9, 2008

His and Hers

What is cooler weather without Guiness??? It is like a meal in an of itself. It is the "stew" in a world of "soup" beers. My husband and I are so much alike that we both love Guiness. Of course there are always your little differences like...she likes Guiness Extra Stout, and he likes Guiness draught. We love our chuthers. What can I say?

Did anyone catch the debate the other night? I must say...I was quite unimpressed with Obama. I admit he was good about sticking to the topic for the most part. He was just not all that these liberals seem to be raving about. I really couldn't see the charm. Could anyone tell me please what you see in this guy...I mean without quoting me his very short resume? I really would like to know.


Nan said...

I just got your comment, if you go to Shelle's blog by way of my post, her page takes a while to load because she has ads on her blog and when someone has them, it always seems to take a bit longer to load their page, anyway on the right hand side of her page there is a list of 4 names in a voting box and I am number 2.

I am getting anxious because it's becoming obvious to me it's a popularity contest, because the girl for week 3 didn't really have a very good entry and all of a sudden she is right up in the running with the others. That's my opinion anyway! LOL! OK, I'm bias, I know, that's because I want to win!

Nan said...

OH! OK, Good Thanks!