Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blue In Green

Okay, maybe it should be blue & green...but its not a typo. One of my favorite songs is Blue In Green by Miles Davis. I once entitled a painting after the song chiefly because I listened to the song over and over for hours while I painted it, that and the entire painting was done only in blue, green and black. I gave it away. I wonder if I have a picture of it somewhere? It sends me somewhere (the song) far away every time I hear it.

Blue and green are my favorite colors. They represent nature to me...the sky, the grass, the trees. You get the picture. These colors soothe me, maybe because they are so predictable. Don't ask me to explain that. If you don't know don't ask.

Then there are my littlest boys here today in their green and blue. It wasn't planned. The first picture is the new sweater I knitted and designed for my kiddo. (You gotta love the peanut butter on his face.) I got a little worried he wouldn't wear peruvian wool, but he doesn't seem to mind. I think they know when I knit them something that its full of love. I hope they do. I never dreamed I love being a mother as much as I love being the mother of my five children. What AWESOME people they are! If you have kids I hope you know that they are awesome, and I hope you tell them all the time how cool they are. It doesn't hurt if you knit them something from time to time either. Wink.


Friday, February 15, 2008

My Funny Valentine

My sweet husband is always spoiling me. If you knew my life before my husband you might say it was about time someone did. Maybe not!?! Still, he seems to think I deserve it, and who am I to argue? I don't think in all my life anyone has ever taken the time and the effort to really know me as well as he does.

I always think of romantic relationships as petering out over time. It's not the case here. Every day I love him more. Every day I realize what a blessing he is.

The first picture is full of my Valentine's Day gifts from my hubby. The barrets are from Cubitas. They are so lovely. Look at the cute little boxes they came in in the second picture. The third is just an expirement in mittens. The fourth is some yarn my dh picked out for a sweater for himself that probably won't be enough now...oh well, yarn never goes to waste around here. Smile. I have to find him the perfect yarn. The name of this yarn was so appropriate too. He wants a non bulky kinda plain sweater. I have been on the hunt now for the perfect yarn and pattern for him for about a year. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ben and Jerry To The Rescue

Feeling down gets me thinking...waaaay to much.

I started smoking for the first time my senior year in high school. I started because (dumb reason in retrospect of course) my friend who drove me to school smoked heavily all the way to school. I figured "what the hey" I'm getting all this second hand smoke anyway...might as well enjoy it. Ugh! That was how many years ago? eeek...too long to mention.

I quit smoking for a couple of years before my first child was born. I started again after my second child was born and quit again before the third was born. I started smoking about a year after the third child was born and smoked until I got pregnant with the fourth. I started again when my father died three months after the fourth was born. I just quit smoking about 10 months ago when I found out I was pregnant with Zeke (number 5). What a @#$%&!! rollercoaster! I said I'd quit for good after the last baby. I mean to...that is...I'd like to stay quit. I just crave the darn things so badly. I don't even smoke the ones with all the additives that make them especially addictive. I smoked American Spirits. My husband quit for the first time with this last child. I think alot of what is keeping me from smoking is feeling that he will smoke also and that is not fair to him.

I didn't quit because of popular opinions. I always smoked outdoors and took care not to annoy other people with it. I never smoked during a pregnancy. I didn't quit because of my health. I come from a long line of heavy smokers who are a pretty sturdy stock and live healthy until around the age of 90 something. I quit for good because my daughter (6 at the last quit time) told me that watching me smoke made her want to do it.

I'm not a drug taker...not even asprin...not even a motrin during any of the five natural hard and long birth/labors of my five wonderful children. I do however miss my American Spirits. I am trying so hard to resist. I think about it alot. I don't think of myself as an especially weak person...rather strong I'd say. This just happens to be my achilles heal. Anyway...I thought blogging about it might help ease the addict demons and of course a little Ben and Jerry's always helps!

Some light online shopping could cheer me up temporarily....hint...



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Name That Fiber!

I am having a little contest to invoke curiosity and hopefully round up some new online acquaintances. If you can name the fiber in the first picture I will send you as a prize the hank of alpaca pink yarn in the second picture. I knit a scarf in this yarn before. It is yummy.

Lets say that the first to name the fiber by March the first will get the prize! Please be specific! Happy guessing!