Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Name That Fiber!

I am having a little contest to invoke curiosity and hopefully round up some new online acquaintances. If you can name the fiber in the first picture I will send you as a prize the hank of alpaca pink yarn in the second picture. I knit a scarf in this yarn before. It is yummy.

Lets say that the first to name the fiber by March the first will get the prize! Please be specific! Happy guessing!



Nan said...

Is it possibly dog fur? It reminds me of cotton fibers, I've seen in the fields here, but then I enlarged the picture and looked closer, it's too pretty and fluffy looking to be raw cotton, and then it reminded me of when our Husky dog we had when I was a child, would shed and we would just pull out big fluffy clumps of it. I always thought it would make lovely yarn. Now I don't know if I can wait till March to find out!! LOL

shortwonder said...

Could it be unspun angora? it looks so soft and has a sheen to it.

doulanana said...

It looks like my Shitzu's is it Shitzu fur???

MRS MJW said...

Hi hi. The fiber you see here is clippings from my poodle Phoebe. If you read my blog you can see her color is apricot and since she is purebred she is quite curly like a sheep. There's no fooling some people. I thought I'd have time, but smarty pants Nan guessed it right off the bat. Thanks for playing all. Come again. There will be more.