Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Zeke's Sweater Vest

Needles: Size 5 dpns
Size 5 straight ndls
Yarn: 4 (50g) skeins 4 different colors DK Merino Knit Picks


Cast on 60 stitches
K1 P1 rib for 1"
work patt of your choice for 6" (or desired length to arm pit)
CO 4 sts beginning of next 2 rows for pits
K to middle of vest (30sts)
Slip next 30 sts onto a holder
K back and forth in patt of your choice decreasing 1 st each end of K row 3X's
at same time decrease 1 st at neck edge to end of piece (2 more inches)
slip to holder and knit other side of shoulder the same way


The back is in a solid color.
CO 60 sts
K in KP rib for 1"
K in stockinette stitch for 6" (or same length as front)
CO 4 sts beginning next two rows (or same as front)
decrease 1 st at each end 3X's
K st stitch for 2 more inches (or same as front)
Slip first 14 sts on holder, 16 sts onto middle holder and last 14 onto holder (total three holders)


Weave in all ends on front piece
Attach front and back pieces at shoulders by using 3 needle bind off
Sew up the sides to pit
Turn right side out, pick up and knit 23sts (begin at V point)on right side of front of vest
K across back (middle) holder and increase 1 st for every 2 along the back of neck
Pick up and knit 23 sts down the left side
(Using four dpns at this point is very helpful. It helps you see the V more easily.)
Work in KP rib for three rows. On last row kp to last three sts K2 tog. Then knit last stitch and first stitch from next needle together, and then CO VERY loosely. (Caution: babies heads are large! Make sure its LOOSE. You can otherwise make it very uncomfortable for your little one if it is too tight.)
Pick up and knit 43 sts on each arm hole edge. Work in KP rib for three rows. It is not necessary to CO so loosely for arm holes.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and the pictures. I hardly ever write things down this coherently, but if you have trouble you can leave me a comment/question and I'll get back to you on it.

My babies are big. Zeke is about 11lbs. I will go so far as to say that this vest should fit a baby anywhere from 0-6mths.

This is my pattern, and you may use it if you like.


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Paula said...

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours, too. Congratulations on your new little one. He is lovingly dressed in woolens and looks very content.