Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blue In Green

Okay, maybe it should be blue & green...but its not a typo. One of my favorite songs is Blue In Green by Miles Davis. I once entitled a painting after the song chiefly because I listened to the song over and over for hours while I painted it, that and the entire painting was done only in blue, green and black. I gave it away. I wonder if I have a picture of it somewhere? It sends me somewhere (the song) far away every time I hear it.

Blue and green are my favorite colors. They represent nature to me...the sky, the grass, the trees. You get the picture. These colors soothe me, maybe because they are so predictable. Don't ask me to explain that. If you don't know don't ask.

Then there are my littlest boys here today in their green and blue. It wasn't planned. The first picture is the new sweater I knitted and designed for my kiddo. (You gotta love the peanut butter on his face.) I got a little worried he wouldn't wear peruvian wool, but he doesn't seem to mind. I think they know when I knit them something that its full of love. I hope they do. I never dreamed I love being a mother as much as I love being the mother of my five children. What AWESOME people they are! If you have kids I hope you know that they are awesome, and I hope you tell them all the time how cool they are. It doesn't hurt if you knit them something from time to time either. Wink.



Poshyarns said...

Motherhood is indeed such a great gift, truly the best thing I have ever done.

Very cute sweater, I am sure he feels the love that's knitted in.

Elaine said...

Another crazy mother of five! We're so few and far between that I was beginning to think we were a dying breed...or just dying breeders! :-)

And you left a comment on my blog some time back - yes, it is the Outer Banks in North Carolina - specifically up near Corolla.

Nan said...

I Love the update and new look to your blog, it's very soothing and nature-ry looking!

Before I forget, I got my package yesterday and I love the yarn, it's so soft and pink is MY favorite color, since we're talking about our favorite colors here today! Thank you so much, I look forward to thinking of a way to use it and will be sure to update you on my progress when I do! Thanks again!!

Now, that is one big bunch o' babies! FIVE!? It's also 2 very handsome boys you have posted pictures of today, I imagine your older son getting hugged by all the love that went into the sweater you made for him, as he wears it. Good job!

Rima said...

Hello Hello!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Everything Blue IN Green looks beautiful. Love the sweater!

Mimi said...

Cute sweater, I love the colors. Your kids are adorable!