Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Party and big big big

I was really debating whether to go or not. My husband started a new job. I just really wasn't sure if I wanted these people meeting me for the first time 60 lbs over my usual weight. I know...VAIN! Still, I went. That must show some depth of personality on my part. Almost all our Christmas presents are purchased, wrapped and hiding under the bed...AND in about two weeks we'll have a new little baby boy! Fun fun fun! My husband has a goofy look on his face...when questioned he said he was trying to suck in his double chin. Smile.


Lisa said...

Mrs MJW,

You look wonderful in full bloom and all dressed up, a Christmas baby how lucky you are. Thank you for the comments about my tree decorations, they have been worked on and collected over 17 years of marriage. You know what I have been so busy this year I haven't made a single new one, I think that is a first for me.

Best of luck with your new bundle of blue. Look forward to seeing his little face soon.

Lisa x

monica said...

I am a Charlie Brown too. Thanks for stopping by my blog