Saturday, December 22, 2007

For Baby

I just had to sit down and create something for my little one on the way. He's due any day now. I knit the sweater in the round from the top down. Its my if you want it please feel free to request it. The hat was just knit in one piece decreasing as I went up to the crown. I love how it spirals. The yarn is worsted Berocco washable (non shrinkable) merino.

Happy Holidays!


Woolybuns said...

Lovely baby knitting! Aren't they great to knit for?? Wishing the baby a short and healthy trip to meet you!

shan aka kephas said...

Hello Mrs. MJW...I love this sweater and hat. I have a baby due in a week, our 4th son. I would love to have a copy of your pattern. I am still trying to perfect my hat decreases, do you have a pattern for that too? I love your blog. Do you have all sons? I also like video games.....Rabid Rabbids is my favorite.

MRS MJW said...

Thanks. I will publish this pattern here soon.