Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Partial Resume

Warning...there are many photos in this post. My son took them and by no means is a professional photographer so excuse the blurry ones. Anyone is of course free to look and read. I posted this mostly for Debbie's friend seeking someone to exhibit her alpaca yarn in handknits. This is a partial resume/portfolio of just a portion of my knitting over the years. I have been knitting now for 11 years. I can crochet a chain and that is the extent of my crocheting abilities. I knit left handed which doesn't seem to be a problem with patterns. I haven't had to reverse anything yet. I very often design my own patterns or alter a pattern to fit more to my liking or taste. Most of the pictures you will see here are my own designs. I know this doens't seem like alot. You can click back to older posts to see many other projects. Keep in mind that most of my knitting is given away as gifts. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment if you so desire. Also, you can ask Debbie for my number.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm so impressed!!


MRS MJW said...

Thank you. You make me blush. :-)