Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You Being Poisoned?

When I was just a small child I received my first silver filling. Nah...I don't necessarily remember it. My mother was in dentistry. I probably went to see the dentist she was working with at the time. Over the course of my life so far I have acquired two more. They're little specks of silver/gray looking metal no more than an eighth of an inch big. I try to look at this as an accomplishment considering that I hardly remember brushing regularly at all as a child and since most the people I know have far more fillings than I do. I do however remember being in the fifth grade when some kids down the street were playing with some shiney liquid metal in a dish. I thought it was so cool I rushed home to tell my mom about it. I was shocked and a little scared when she nervously asked if I had touched it. I replied that I hadn't and she seemed to relax a little. Years later I realized this same stuff that she was so vehemently against me touching was the same stuff that was in my mouth.
So I am no chemistry major. I hold no degrees in the sciences of any kind. I do however love to do research. I wasn't really until years later when I married my husband that the subject came up again with any potency. My husband used to be a connisseur of tic tacs. When I met him he already had one root canal, several fillings and a few gold crowns. He had several teeth pulled as he was informed he had many "extra" teeth. When I met him six years ago he also had one deformed fingernail and few small patches of red scaley skin due to an autoimmune disease known as psoriasis. This disease seems to run in the family. I
I remembered some things from studying bits and pieces about heavy metals and tried to discourage my husband from further recommendations by his dentist to have more amalgam fillings. Incidently, silver amalgam fillings consist among other metals of 50% mercury. My husband's dentist insisted that he get the silver fillings due to the fact that they were cheaper than other materials. My husband conceded. His teeth now consist of about 40% silver amalgam.
Over the following few days my husband experienced great jaw discomfort, swollen jaw, sinus trouble and some serious night grinding of the teeth. He would sweat most profuse in his sleep. Many times I rolled over to put my arm around him and found him soaking wet. These first symptoms seemed to disappear over the course of a couple months. The following few years were another story. The lone psoriasis fingernail had now spread to all fingernails and toenails. He developed large patches of scaley red skin on his scalp, ears, hands and various other places I won't mention. It became painful for him to wear certain shoes and there was always the scare of bumping one of his swollen, 1/4" thick fingernails or toenails. It also became a source of personal emotional discomfort as many people seemed to accuse him of having some sort of fungus. He promptly went to another dermatologist who confirmed the psoriasis. If you know anything about psoriasis you'll know that there really isn't anything you can do for it. You can try to "manage" it...but it is genetic and incurable. What do most people do when they've been told their disease is incurable? I think most would say they just try to get by by managing the symptoms.
My husband's step mother was recently diagnosed with mercury poisoning. Sure, she ate alot of salmon, but the chief concern in the mind of her health professional was her silver amalgam fillings. Shortly after having them removed by a professional experienced and specifically trained biological dentist she claims that she feels soooo much better. So I started to look into it. I started researching other's claims to healthier lives after having their fillings removed. Well, they are out there. There are many of them. Here are a few... , ,, These are only a few people who have experienced relief after having their fillings removed.
I don't think there are many people who truly like to admit that they are wrong. Medical science seems even more reluctant due to the fact that you might possibly be able to sue them for any negligence. There is a reason they have to carry such heavy duty malpractice insurance. Despite the fact that there are many references out there detailing the dangers of mercury exposure dentist still use this toxic heavy metal in their fillings. Here are just a few references about toxicity. , , ,,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220-26953--,00.html . The ADA American Dental Association seems to say that mercury becomes stable when combined with the other metals. Please see this and this. (for the second one scroll down to 60 minutes episode).
I made an appointment with a biological dentist to have my fillings removed. I only have a few small ones. My husband has many and it will be very costly to have his removed. He paid a bundle to have that poison put in his mouth, and now we have to pay a bundle to have it removed. Regardless of whether or not the mercury exacerbated his psoriasis (as this is yet to be seen) the research on the effects of mercury poisoning show that there is a great price to pay with your health whether the effects are now or later. I posted this information because I believe that dentists should not only have consent from us to use such materials on us...but INFORMED consent. I write this to encourage anyone to take resposibility for your own health. I write to validate others in their search for truths. Don't let anyone tell you something is "safe" without doing the research! Once you've done the research I feel certain you'll come to the same conclusion.

*If you do decide to have your silver amalgam fillings removed make SURE it is done by a biological dentist trained in the safety of their removal.

Here are some...

Blessings and Good Health!


freya said...


If you've experienced illnesses or symptoms which you attribute to your mercury fillings, consider posting a comment to the Food and Drug Administration's website: They have opened a public comment period which ends on July 28. It is certainly a way of helping to stop the use of mercury in dentistry.

FDA comment period ends on July 28

The deadline is approaching for those who wish to submit comments to the US Food and Drug Administration on mercury fillings. To get instructions, you may go to the top of our website,, and look for the sign, in orange: “Submit comments to FDA now.” Those instructions were written by two of our award-winning advocates, Mary Ann Newell (Vancouver, Wash.) and Freya Koss (Philadelphia).

Comments: Pursuant to our mediated settlement, FDA will classify mercury fillings in a year. FDA will work from this record, so your precise comments could be helpful. By now, FDA is aware of the depth and breadth of this movement, so casual comments are not needed. We must focus on quality, not quantity. To see the specific information FDA asks for, go to:

If you have further questions, you can contact the helpful and courteous FDA official in charge of the record, Michael Adjodha, ph 240-276-3688.

Organizations: What we need a lot of is organizations. A simple letter from your group will be quite helpful, stating, for example, that FDA should ban mercury fillings, or at least prohibit their use for children and women of child-bearing age. If you would rather your organization sign onto my letter rather than write one yourself, let me know.

Comments are due July 28.

Charlie Brown

15 July 2008

Charles G. Brown, National Counsel

Consumers for Dental Choice

316 F St., N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC 20002,

MRS MJW said...

Thank you Freya for the comment and the information. I am grateful for your testimony and your courage. Your testimony is one of a few I referred to in this post. Blessings on your work.

knitwhitties said...

Now that was very interesting, and I find it remarkable that the dental association refuses to admit that mercury fillings may be harmful to your health. Thanks!

MRS MJW said...

It seems that there may be some new developments here that I did not find in my prior research. However, be warned that dentists are still using silver amalgam fillings. You must make sure that what you are getting is not mercury.

Anonymous said...

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