Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Be Saavy, Not Fearful!

I've been pondering the whole "green" movement with all its trends and legislature. Perhaps its because I was raised conservatively that it seems rather silly to me that it has been made into a fanciful, lucrative industry. We were always taught to turn off the lights when we left a room, to reuse non-biodegradeable items and not to take more than we needed. The difference is that we weren't taught these things to "save the earth". We were taught to control our personal covetous and greedy desires. I'm not saying we were perfect and that there was never any waste, but the idea was to be a good steward of whatever we were entrusted to whether it be relationships or things. So for me, as an adult, its perfectly natural to save plastic bags for reuse. I use them for many things from insulating windows in my garage (small spaces at the bottom of the windows)to putting them over the kids' socks before they put on their boots in heavy snow (to prevent moisture getting into the feet). My "Tupperware" consists of old butter and/or sour cream tubs. I have only on very rare occassions used paper towels. For us growing up they were too expensive. We used kitchen towels or rags for spills or clean up. I do the same today. There's no need to buy expensive "all natural" cleaning brands either. I used vinegar, Dr Bronner's and water for my hard floors. I clean almost everything in my house with Dr. Bronner's castille soap. I use eucalyptus oil for flea and tick control and sometimes a bit of diatomaceous earth. When a heavy scrubbing is needed I use Bar Keeper's Friend. It has the nice side effect of polishing as you scrub. I sprinkle carpets with baking soda for a fresh smell and keeping fleas and ticks away. I use Borax for fleas, ticks, fungus, laundry, you name it. I use diluted vinegar for windows and mirrors, and used them all in the same plastic spray bottles for years. I know the spray bottle I use for Dr. B's is about 5 years old and still going strong. I used cloth diapers on my kids when they were little. Its less expensive, healthier and they just look so cute in them. I am a huge proponent of teaching my children never to take more food than they can eat. Waste is a sign of glutony and we don't encourage it here. That doesn't me we don't love to indulge them, give them gifts, etc.. We just want them to appreciate the value of God's creations and all His abundance. But I say this all to end with my own personal sentiment that remains. We don't do these things because we fear limited resources or that somehow God will forget us in the future. I have had times when I've had much and times when I've had very little. I've not been forsaken. Nor will I ever be. So, we opt to be responsible with what God has provided with the attitude and philosophy of good stewards rather than fearful people who believe their God will fail them. We're not perfect, but He is. Phew!

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Bonnie Robinson said...

Trying to find a way to contact you regarding a knitting pattern. I wondered if you have an adult size of the fish icelandic sweater shown here:


Beautiful pattern, and I would like to make it for an adult male relative.