Thursday, May 21, 2009

And I Thought I Was Taking a Break

Lacrosse season is over and Woo Hoo...I'll miss it though....all those knitted dishcloths during practice.

Usually I take a break from knitting in the spring/summer months. Let's face it, when it gets to the hotter months its just no fun having a lump of wool in your lap especially if you live in humid places. Nevertheless, I just can't stop myself this year. I am getting published again! Cast On Winter issue. So don't forget to buy fall and winter Cast On issues. ;-) I am designing a top down, in the round raglan sweater for myself hopefully to be published at a later date in a book? That's my sorta extravagant idea. Now that my second pattern has been accepted I gotta knit up the garment for the magazine. They sent me this lovely yarn from Kollage so aptly named "Scrumptuous". It is sooooo soft and yummy. I know the price is outta my league, but if you guys can afford it....go for it. The color is so rich and genuine.

Back to the top down raglan for a second....the short rows underneath the armpits really gave me a bother. That is putting it nicely I assure you. I got on ravelry and asked everyone I could bother about it. I searched You Tube for videos explaining short row hole closures. It just wasn't working for what I was trying to make it do. I kept ending up with the dang HOLES. Blast! So, what finally figured out is that it just takes some fiddling with. I did the wrap and turns, but I also on subsequent rows lifted stitches from behind the holes and knit them together with stitches. It ain't perfect. In fact, I think I was hoping for totally invisible short rows. However, in light of it all it does seem to work into the sorta decreases I want to do on the body shaping part so all is not lost. Yea!
Here's a peek at the progress and the short rows.

Just some little remnants. I ALWAYS try to used them. I hate waste.


Jeanne said...

Congrats on being published again! No help on short rows, but looking foward to seeing your sweater!

Diane said...

Such pretty yarn! I've never seen Cast On in the store. Where do you buy it?

Diane said...

Thank you for the information on Cast On Magazine!

Renna said...

I find it oddly comforting that even experienced knitters such as yourself also have trouble with those blasted little short row holes! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog to check up on me. I have indeed been seduced by the great outdoors of late.

Beate said...

I totally got you on the short row thing! I get holes as well and I always thought that it was because I knitted abit loose. congrats on the publishing thing.. and thanks for stopping by my blog:-)
have a nice summer