Thursday, June 18, 2009

They Just Keep Comin'

I barely finish a garment I've designed and a new pattern pops into my head. I hastily and nervously pick up my pencil and begin sketching a new idea. I get excited about the new design and either put down my current project to see if the new one will work out or finish it with speed knitting in order to move on to the next new design. This seems to be the pattern lately. No pun intended. :-) They just keep coming.

I was reminiscing the other day about how my first project designed in the round consisted of a gazillion yo's. This, due to the misinformation that all increases were yo's. Can I get a big OOOPS!?! Needless to say back then I just filled all those tiny holes in with thread. Duh! Now, these days I much prefer a good lifted increase to any other method. For some reason I'm attracted to the way things fan out with the lifted increases, there are very discreet discrepencies in the knitting and it has a sorta relaxing rythm to it that keeps my knitting peaceful.

These two new projects are a result of some yarn bought for me for mother's day. I don't think I need to tell you they were out of the package and on my needles before anyone could say "what's for dinner mom?"


Gigi said...

Well you go girlie. Wish I had the sense to design something. I'm doing good just following a pattern!

Anonymous said...

This sweater is looking good! Is it going to have long sleeves?

MRS MJW said...

Yes, the sweater will have long sleeves. The second photo is of the sleeve increases from cuff to shoulder. One sleeve down and one more to go! Whoopee!

sue said...

The blue pattern looks very pretty.