Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beach Baby

"Beach Baby" is finally out published in the Summer 2010 Issue of Petite Purls . I am so excited about this pattern. It is relatively easy to knit and comes out so cute. I have knit it three times so far myself. I love multi-color stranded knitting. As many little people as I have in my life it makes sense I'd have to come up with something like this eventually. I hope you enjoy the pattern if you decide to knit it. Feel free to pm me on Ravelry if you have any questions. I am GertrudePerkins.

Ballet is going great. I am finally doing my developpes correctly and not raising my stubborn ole hips. Hoorah!

Happy Summer!


TerryMoran said...

Just saw your pattern at Petite Purls and had to pop over to say how much I love it! All of our beach babies are in New England and I'm planning on making pink and blue ones for all of them. What a great job you've done.

MRS MJW said...

Thank you. I admit. It was fun! Enjoy your knitting. I'd love to see pictures of them when they are completed! :-)


Firefly said...

What a beautiful pattern! You are amazing!

MRS MJW said...

Thank you G. Your comments are always so sweet.

marlen halpin said...

hi :)

I have had so many of my family comment on the sweaters I made for my children, and they all want one, I have tried to extend the pattern to an adult medium size but I keep having to pull it up and restart, I have now tried about 5 times and have given up, I have got the impression that this is your own design so I ask you is there any way you can make the pattern to fit an adult ? I would love your help
Kind regards
If you can and I do hope you can cause everyone LOVES it !! you can mail it to me on marlenhalpin@mail.com
Again kind regards and thank you for making this awesome sweater