Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Catching Up

I guess I'm just in a sock period. I am working on designing a sweater coat that I am very excited about. I'm gonna try for my first pattern (for sale) on Ravelry. We'll see. It has been sorta slow moving. The socks, however keep flowing. I was published last quarter in Cast On Magazine for a pair of socks called "Deco Socks". The colorwork in this pattern is so easy, fun and great for a beginner to colorwork. I was worried at first that the top of the sock wouldn't hold up without a proper ribbing, but this has not been the case. Actually, they hold up great. I can't stand sinking socks. Bleh. I have a lace sock pattern coming out in the next issue of Cast On that was very fun to design. I happen to love these socks. They are so feminine. I will post a picture after the issue is out.

I'm so busy these days with homeschooling, ballet and my 5 wondeful kiddos that I don't have much time for blogging. I guess this is my token blog since its been about a year since my last entry. I can hardly wait for Spring. Around here we have one cold day followed by a warm one, so I can tell its trying to break through. I wonder how I could give it a little push? :-)
My daughter laid claim to the felted clogs I was making for myself at Christmas time.

This pattern is much easier than it may look. I did have to wash them a couple of times in order for them to shrink properly. But I love the end result.
I also put up a new FREE pattern on Ravelry. Its called "Tendu". It was designed for my daughter who takes ballet. The pattern is very easy to size up for an adult. Just add more length. I strongly recommend using cotton for that project if it will be worn for functional purposes.

You can message me if you are having trouble sizing up or down. I'd be glad to help.
Happy End of Winter! :-) ...hopefully soon.

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