Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keepin' It Simple...Keepin' It Real

Sometimes after knitting tedious projects such as three stranded colorwork, complicated celtic cabling, a sweater coat large enough to fit your XXL husband or ANY type of lace work your hands need a bit of a break. I would say they need a stretch of the legs, but I think you take my meaning. Sometimes you just need to knit something simple in between mind boggling patterns, something your hands can just fly through, something that can be completed in a day or two. I've been designing now for a while, mostly for Cast On Magazine. I am such a perfectionist (not to be confused with "perfect") that I go over and over and OVER directions, stitch counts, etc. that I almost can't even see the pattern anymore. So I sat down and decided to knit myself a pair of Lion's Brand Fisherman's Worsted Weight
2X2 ribbed socks to put on over my ballet shoes when its cold and my feet need to warm up fast. I can't tell you how rewarding they are. They aren't pretty. They're even a little scratchy against the skin. They're the color of dirt. They don't make anyone say, "Wow, you made that?" They're purely functional. Ahhhh! :-)

You know what I mean...don't you???

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