Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ballet and Knitting

Last night I jumped in on the Adult Ballet II class. Wow, what a workout. I knew all the movements and steps. I just wasn't used to executing them that fast. The combinations were so fun and challenging. My pirouettes stink, but I have already made it my goal this year to be able to perform atleast a single, clean pirouette from fifth and fourth positions. Also, I will be moving up to Ballet II. Our instructor is so sweet and really gives attention to her adult students which I hear is pretty rare. I don't know how one can get so addicted to an activity that causes so much muscle soreness the next day. I read where a company member at our school said he was addicted to the sore muscles. I think there must be some truth to that for me. I can see my body getting stronger. My daughter is getting stronger too. People at the ballet keep telling me how gifted she is at ballet and how graceful and beautiful she is. She really loves it. I am so grateful to the Lord for leading us in this direction. I admit; she is a joy to watch. I am so looking forward to her performance in a couple of months.

I am excited about my newest pattern published again in Cast On Magazine May-July 2011 Issue. I hope someone (anyone?) will knit this pattern, and let me know what you think of it. Feedback is important. :-)

Happy Spring!!!

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