Friday, April 29, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Here's the comment I left on their website.

I had to drop in and say that even though I've been a fan since I was very young I had never seen LS live before until last night. It was sort of a short show in a smaller venue than I'm sure they've played in years gone by, but LS was tremendous. Innsbrook was rocked by one of the very few (anymore) extremely talented group of musicians who actually know how to play their instruments and play them WELL. I wonder how many of the audience actually knew it. We did. My children were totally into it too. From my 16 year old to my 6 year old, they were dancin' and enjoyin' the talented performance that is Lynyrd Skynyrd. Not only was this performance noteworthy on so many levels that I cannot do it justice, but LS is also an iconic representation of southern rock n roll on the whole.

I was caught off guard recently when mentioning of few of my favorite bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Bros., Boston, etc. when I realized the young person I was talking to had no idea who any of these bands were. Yikes! In a current age of snot nosed, gimme gimme gimme a free hand out, Obama gets a nobel peace prize, Justin Bieber and Lady Goo Goo are somehow talented or artists kinda world I just have to ramble a little. I say make sure you go out and see these bands. Enjoy the sound of real instruments being played by real musicians, true artists who make ya feel the natural vibes of real life. Take a moment to spend 20. or whatever it is to see these guys (and gals) and grab a piece of musical history that just may spark a new generation of talented people who don't rely so heavily on effects, computers and synthesizers to make them sound remotely listenable.

We maybe older and not as able to "whoop" as loud as we used to, but here in Virginia we appreciate Lynyrd Skynyrd for all their musical talents and their heart. Thanks for coming to my town. Hope to see you again!

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