Friday, April 20, 2007

Norweigan Stockings and Pot Roast

This post is clearly not for die hard vegetarians or those who hate anything Norweigan.

Does anything go better with pot roast and Yorkshire pudding than Norweigan stockings? Tell me...I challenge thee! No...the stockings are not for eating smarty pants.

Okay, you will notice here that the stockings are in worsted weight (I had the yarn and the colors okay?) as opposed to Nancy Bush's awesome pattern found here The book is full of fun. I plan on doing the original pattern also. You can get a good look here Eunny used slightly different colors and they turned out beautiful! I am part Norweigan and part that should explain the pot roast, the only one green vegetable we had last night and the knitting.

Happy Knitting!


lamb-made said...

Yum! Just (finally) updated my Blog and saw your comment (my first!) so I had to wander over here. Oddly enough, I am also part Welsh and part Scandi (also some German, Italian, Czech, etc. thrown in) and I love Yorkshire pudding. My Mom always made it for holidays (she is the Welsh part of the family) but my attempts always come out awful. Perhaps someday my girls will know what good Yorkshire pudding tastes like -- I'm going to try again this Sunday. Thanks for the inspiration!

Poshyarns said...

Mmmm, Yorkshire pudding is practically the law in this house, I (the cook) believe we should only have it with roast beef but the family/mob insist it accompanies roast meat every Sunday, whatever the meat. There are hours of discussion devoted to the pursuit of the best Yorkshire pudding, should they be individual or one large, muffin tin or patty tin? And so forth. Clearly we do not get out enough!

Thanks for your comment on the linen smock, it is for Tilly and needless to say I am spending way more time on the little bit of embroidery than I did on the whole smock!