Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sew and Sewability

Most people that know me know my love for all things feminine and frilly. I'm not talking pink lace and fru fru. I mean feminine with a touch of Jane Austen. I just discovered this and this

I recently ordered a night gown from a reputable designer who shall remain nameless in this post. It was very pretty in the online pictures, but when I received it it was cheaply made (much to my surprise), thin material, ugly color etc. I had paid 70.00. for it. This may seem inexpensive to some of you and expensive to others. When I pay 70.00 for a nightgown I expect it to be quality. I sent it back. It did however evoke a curiosity in me as to whether I could create my own. I didn't like any of the patterns I had for the task. I don't know if anyone else is like me in that when you have a hankering to design something specific it consumes you. You think about it at night while you toss and turn and if you do sleep you dream about it.

The next moring and over the next few days I designed my own bed wear. I designed two gowns and a robe. It was so much fun. They even fit in with my Jane Austen visions.

Also, go over and visit . She has an interesting contest going on.


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Anonymous said...

Did you make that last gown? It is so cute! Thanks for commenting on my post about Rusted Root - it was a really enjoyable knit!

woolcat said...

Those are really pretty - I like the bow detail!